Strategic business
(AI and IoT)

To bring affluent life to each region
with the most advanced development
capacity utilizing sensors, AI, and IoT

Modern society is faced with the serious problem of the decrease of the producing population due to the declining birthrate and the aging society. This trend is stronger outside urban areas.
In order to solve this problem, K’s supports innovation by utilizing element technologies, such as image analysis, sensors, and cutting-edge digital technologies, such as AI and IoT.
We contribute to the vitalization of regions, including enterprises, and bring affluent life to people.

Solving regional issues in each field


  • “Visualization” of each production site through the transmission and analysis of videos
  • To streamline operations and improve production efficiency

Aged society

  • R&D of danger detection and services for helping look after elderly people
Aged society
Healthcare and nursing care

Healthcare and nursing care

  • To sense the situation of a patient who requires continuous care on a bed
  • To discern the position of a patient even in dark conditions, to prevent the patient from falling when he/she gets up
Healthcare and nursing care


  • To digitize optimal growth environments and cultivation technology/know-how
  • To realize “new agriculture” by achieving a good balance between work and private life

Strengths of K’s

STRENGTH_01Development of element technologies for solving on-site problems

Image analysis

We are researching a variety of image analysis technologies as element technologies for supporting the development of cutting-edge systems. The image analysis technology of K’s is used for inspecting products, tracing the movement of people, quantification, etc. For example, it was utilized for developing a system of “visualizing” the current condition of a factory, including its operation and output, with videos and improving operations.

Image analysis
Position discernment

The position of a person on a bed is discerned with a depth sensor. Since the situation can be grasped even in dark conditions, this function is useful for preventing accidents in healthcare and nursing care scenes, such as a fall at the time of getting up.
*We obtained a patent for a system for discerning a position with a contact-less sensor and notifying staff (Patent Application No. 2016-225872).

Position discernment

STRENGTH_02Development of consistent systems, including hardware

We develop not only element technologies, but also hardware, for the purpose of applying it to in-house ICT systems. Since we conduct all processes for producing original products, including design, trial production, and mass production, we have facilities including a shielded room and an anechoic chamber in addition to CAD and CAE. Through these activities, we can accumulate plentiful experiences and advanced skills, and become able to develop products with high quality and added value, and meet requests from clients, which cannot be met with existing general-purpose products.

STRENGTH_02 Development of consistent systems, including hardware

List of services

Real-time video transmission service (IoT platform)

We first set cameras for filming, network terminals (edges) for processing videos, and sensors for sensing changes, to collect data. We manage these data in an integrated manner, and offer the monitoring function and the function to access past data. By utilizing such functions, it is possible to detect long halts due to trouble or abnormality and enable you to visually check recorded videos. With this system, you can respond appropriately and reduce response time significantly. We support you in enhancing on-site workers’ awareness and realizing a highly profitable workplace with rigorous safety control.

Service of producing data of image analysis based on AI (IoT platform)

There have been major hurdles for realizing image analysis with AI and IoT, such as the difficulty in producing data and enormous costs, but K’s will change the status quo. We customize our service according to usage. For example, we quantify the operation status of equipment and the number of workers, detect abnormality arising from the deviation from a normal value, and notify staff. With our capability of developing technologies, we support the improvement in productivity at each production site.

Issues that can be resolved


We “visualize” each production site with technologies for video analysis and data production and IoT platform services, and streamline operations and improve production efficiency. We support clients in realizing robust production sites.

  • We want to grasp the actual situation of our production site and automate the collection of actual data.
  • We want to develop a safe production site.

Aged society

We address the issues with the aged society and contribute to the “development of towns” where everyone can lead a comfortable life with peace of mind and the realization of the smart society “Society 5.0” with advanced AI and IoT technologies.

  • I want to grasp how my family members live at distant places in an easy way.
  • We want to enable seniors to lead a safe life without worry as if someone looked after them beside them.
  • When elderly people become frail, we want to detect it early and make efforts to extend their healthy life expectancies.

Healthcare and nursing care

Our technology for grasping the condition of each patient on a bed with a depth sensor is utilized for a monitoring system for preventing the patient from falling when getting up. We also engage in the development of services for preventing in-hospital accidents and reducing workloads.

  • We want to reduce the workloads of visiting rooms and checking patients.
  • We want to detect early when hospitalized patients get up and prevent accidents.
  • We want to look after hospitalized patients without placing burdens on them.


While the number of farmers is decreasing and the society is aging, we are pursuing a new model of “lucrative agriculture.” With cutting-edge digital technologies, we innovate agriculture and offer services for producing delicious agricultural products efficiently.

  • We want to increase production efficiency by growing agricultural products based on data.
  • We want to reduce the workload of cultivation by remotely monitoring the growth status.