Industrial system integration

By deepening and constantly evolving our expertise in industries and businesses,
we support clients as a highly specialized professional group.

We have been involved in the adoption of ICT for private companies in the Sanin region for about half a century since the start of our business. 
As a result of not limiting ourselves to specific industries or business categories, but also providing solutions to all industries, we have been able to learn customs in each industry, understand business characteristics, and accumulate a great deal of specialized knowledge and skills.
We dealt earnestly with each and every customer, never giving up in our efforts to meet their preferences. This resulted in the business unit we have today, which has acquired expertise in each business category.

Solutions for the manufacturing industry

A perspective to find unknown issues and the creativity beyond the industry’s framework, which we have acquired through the involvement in many manufacturing fields

In Tottori and Shimane Prefectures in the Sanin region, a wide range of manufacturing industries, including electrical, metal processing, food, and automotive ones, have grown up. There are also numerous production departments of companies headquartered in the Kanto and Kansai regions, and K’s experience in a wide range of manufacturing industries enables us to face our customers with a perspective that allows us to be aware of issues that are yet to be identified. We are also able to exhibit our creative ability to design solutions beyond the industry’s frameworks.

Strengths of K’s

STRENGTH_01Proposing the best options based on our extensive system installation experience

STRENGTH_01 Proposing the best options based on our extensive system installation experience

We have extensive experience in system installation for a wide variety of industries and business categories, including metal processing, machine assembly, rubber and plastic manufacturing, plant manufacturing, paper manufacturing, food processing, chemicals, and apparel. We select the best system construction method from scratch development, use of packaged software, and the use of IT tools, depending on the customer’s requirements. We aim to achieve highly cost-effective solutions with a view to our customers’ future growth strategies.

STRENGTH_02Summarizing issues at a practical level in a hands-on manner and finding solutions

STRENGTH_02 Summarizing issues at a practical level in a hands-on manner and finding solutions

Because K’s has learned the customs and business characteristics of the manufacturing industry and has developed specialized knowledge and skills, we are able to see the big picture of customers’ operations and formulate specific steps toward business improvement. First, we understand the operations of each department at a practical level in a hands-on manner and summarize issues. Further, from a company-wide perspective, we determine those to bridge the gap between departments, consolidate opinions, investigate causes, take countermeasures, and decide operational procedures and the business roles, and consider the implementation of a plan to resolve the issues.

List of services

Production management system

We are promoting the systemization of production-related operations, such as production planning, MRP, requirements calculation, process instructions, work performance data collection, quality control, and cost research. We also specialize in the establishment of comprehensive systems that cover the customer’s overall operations, including sales, procurement, logistics, and accounting.

Visualization of production progress

How about the progress of the production schedule? Is the actual performance with respect to planned man-hours as scheduled, and how about the quality level? We aim to optimize QCD by understanding such situation within the factory. The system supports proactive improvement activities by grasping and visualizing the progress of processes in a real-time manner through the use of tablets, on-site terminals, and equipment linkage, and sending out advance alerts for signs of abnormality.

Obtaining accurate inventory information

The system accurately captures the quantities of raw materials, resources, in-process inventory, inventory at outsourcees, and product inventory, as well as package and location information, to optimize internal logistics, eliminate waiting time, and improve the efficiency of inventory operations. In addition, we meet the demand from the market (customers) with the traceability of lots in processes, including acceptance of raw material, manufacturing, completion of products, and delivery of products to customers.

Management of product composition and quality information

We manage product composition information (the list of materials, E-BOM, M-BOM, recipes, and prescriptions) and perform information management through an integrated database of product planning, research and development, design, and manufacturing. We manage the revision of drawings and work standards, consolidate manufacturing information, accumulate quality information to eliminate errors and omissions, and aim for efficient, stable, and sustainable production activities.

Issues that can be resolved

We provide services to improve our customers’ business operations and facilitate their corporate growth by developing specific solutions to the diverse issues faced by the manufacturing industry on the basis of free thinking while taking into account all possibilities.

  • Standardization of operations
  • Elimination of tasks that are dependent on individual skills
  • Review of business processes
  • Smooth cooperation between departments (or factories)
  • Inventory optimization
  • Sophistication of production planning activities
  • Management and improvement of defect rate
  • Swifter delivery (elimination of delays)
  • Leveling of equipment load
  • Demand forecast
  • Elimination of human errors

Distribution industry solutions

Local industries in the Sanin region have grown, and logistics have advanced.
We have gained extensive experience and learned know-how from a wide range of industrial sites that have emerged as a result of this development.

Both Tottori and Shimane Prefectures in the Sanin region have fishery and agriculture as their distinctive local industries, and the local wholesale businesses that deal with these marine and agricultural products have developed into logistics centers. As a wide range of small and medium-sized distribution industries have emerged in the region, system integrators are required to understand the structure and characteristics of these diverse industries and business categories.
K’s has observed many sites and has continued to achieve results in the form of system construction.
Using this extensive experience and know-how, we are now able to demonstrate our ability to organize complicated and restrictive tasks and consolidate them into a system.

Strengths of K’s

STRENGTH_01Proposing countermeasures based on significant experience in system installation

STRENGTH_01 Proposing countermeasures based on significant experience in system installation

K’s has installed mission-critical systems for approximately 70 companies in the fields of food manufacturing and sales, wholesale of construction materials, agriculture, fishery, logistics, and retail business, based on our understanding of their diverse business types and categories. Using this experience, our system engineers will address customer issues and propose a plan that will provide a solution.

STRENGTH_02Solving real challenges based on practical knowledge of each industry

STRENGTH_02 Solving real challenges based on practical knowledge of each industry

K’s has acquired expertise and skills by learning customs and business characteristics in the distribution industry. Based on the knowledge and skills, we are able to observe the overall operations of our customers and set specific steps to improve their business operations. After checking the actual operations of each department on site, we summarize issues on a practical level. Further, from a company-wide perspective, we determine those to bridge the gap between departments, consolidate opinions, investigate causes, take countermeasures, and decide operational procedures and the business roles, and consider a plan to resolve the issues.

List of services

Sales management system “Neo”

Neo is K’s self-developed package which is equipped with functions necessary for sales management, such as order acceptance, order placement, purchase, sales, inventory, debt, and credit management. K’s will individually design and develop the functions necessary for solving customers’ specific issues. The system can be used by an unlimited number of users because it is a user-license-free sales management system.

Web-based workflow system

This is a semi-customized employment management package that manages work schedules, performance, and notifications, with workflow functionality as standard. We can develop functions according to the work regulations of each customer. Since the system is developed as an open-source one, licensing costs can be minimized, like a sales management system. It is widely used by many private companies and agricultural cooperatives.

Sales support system (SFA)

We manage sales visit records, customer inquiries, and contact details based on customer information. Sales visit history can be confirmed in chronological order for one month, three months, and six months and can be quantitatively confirmed and evaluated, for the number of visits, etc., according to the customer’s needs. We support community-based sales activities.

Business management system

This is a business management system that makes decisions based on accumulated data and utilizes it for management. It drills down through data and utilizes threshold-based push-type alert functions to identify the cause of numerical changes and performs management for daily improvement. We also provide technical training services for development tools so that customers can develop their own products.

Issues that can be resolved

We provide services to improve our customers’ business operations and facilitate their corporate growth by developing specific solutions to the diverse issues faced by the distribution industry on the basis of free thinking while taking into account all possibilities.

  • Automation of order receipt and placement
  • Estimation of logistics costs
  • Inventory optimization
  • Elimination of tasks that are dependent on individual skills
  • Strengthening of credit management
  • Strengthening of internal control
  • Accelerated recording of sales, purchases, expenses, and inventory

Japanese-style inn business solutions

We accumulated know-how unique to the Japanese-style inn industry by installing systems in large-scale Japanese-style inns.
Our achievements extend from the Sanin region to the entire country.

Starting with Kaike Hot Spring near Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture, where K’s headquarters is located, we installed many systems in large-scale Japanese-style inns, including Misasa Hot Spring and Tamatsukuri Hot Spring in Shimane Prefecture, thereby steadily accumulating know-how unique to this industry. In addition, we have received positive feedback on the evaluation of our performance and introductions to customers in other prefectures, which led to the installation of our products in Japanese-style inns nationwide. We will not forget the gratitude we owe to our customers for helping us grow, and we will provide solutions that reflect our experience and know-how.

Strengths of K’s

STRENGTH_01Comprehensive package “Ishindenshin” adopted by large Japanese-style inns nationwide

STRENGTH_01 Comprehensive package “Ishindenshin” adopted by large Japanese-style inns nationwide

The comprehensive package for Japanese-style inns “Ishindenshin” has been adopted by the top Japanese-style inns in Japan, and we have been continuously developing and introducing the system repeatedly with a track record of 30 years. We are particularly strong in introducing our products to large-scale Japanese-style inns that offer a wide variety of high-value-added services. We provide solutions based on the concept of utilizing the individuality of each Japanese-style inn by combining the high degree of package functionality we have developed over the years with the customized functionality necessary to utilize the unique strengths of each Japanese-style inn.

STRENGTH_02Providing consistent solutions considering end-user operations

STRENGTH_02 Providing consistent solutions considering end-user operations

In designing and building a system, we take into consideration the operation of not only customers, but also end-users, who are tourists. With the aim of conducting optimal business operations, we provide consistent solution services, including meetings for installation, support for installation, operational support, operational guidance, and after-sales follow-up.

List of services

Automatic price adjustment system

It is now possible to automate the pricing of products in accordance with the supply-demand balance, something that has been considered difficult to do with manpower. We provide a system that allows you to reduce opportunity losses and contribute to sales growth by selling at optimal prices without missing the timing of price changes, a task that could only be performed by the person in charge of the project.

Shift control

For working shifts, we should consider a variety of factors, including the capabilities of employees, combination, and the securing of required personnel. This system can automatically create shifts based on same-day reservations and customer bases. The concept of the system is “to be able to schedule the same shift as the manager of the customer service department.” The system has been adopted by Japanese-style inns that have difficulty continuing their business due to retirement or other reasons.

Information sharing system throughout the building

As digital devices are currently used for business operations, it is essential to integrate them with a mission-critical system. We provide an information sharing system throughout the building that allows on-site processing with smartphones and tablets. The system can be used for a broad range of opportunities, such as push-type automatic transmission of necessary information, check of customer service information, questionnaire collection, and voucher processing.

Individual cost management system

In a situation where the number of group visitors has decreased significantly, it is necessary to review the management methods that were possible even with ballpark estimation. As the business environment is changing significantly, now is an ideal time to adopt a new management method. By visualizing which deals are profitable and which deals need to be increased to ensure profitability, it is possible to share management issues with on-site staff.

Issues that can be resolved

As we enter the post-pandemic era, the Japanese-style inn industry’s operations are currently undergoing changes, and a system that can respond to rapid changes in travel patterns is required. K’s solutions will enable you to proceed with business reforms by reviewing the tasks that are dependent on individual skills with the aim of increasing efficiency and standardizing work.

  • Automated reservation information processing
  • Automated room allocation
  • Automated price change
  • Guestroom inventory linkage
  • Automated payment machine linkage
  • Electronic hotel register
  • Smartphone payment
  • Credit terminal linkage
  • Smartphone inquiry features
  • Cleaning instructions
  • Order entry
  • Questionnaire collection
  • Self-ordering
  • Banquet inquiry
  • Automated change payment machine
  • Self-checkout machine
  • Menu change notification
  • Menu label
  • Lead server functions
  • Food cost management

K’s philosophy in industrial SI

As an independent system integrator, we consider all possibilities and choose the best option.

We can propose the best system for our customers from among all possibilities. Our in-house developed systems include “Neo,” “Ishindenshin,” “Working WF,” and “Full-Sail,” all of which can be developed in a short period of time. In addition, we can provide an integrated system by using excellent software regardless of vendor from the “OBC Bugyo Series,” “TPiCS,” and “i-Reporter,” a group of packages made by manufacturers with rich functionalities and a proven track record. In addition, we can actively utilize OSS (Open-Source Software), which has become mainstream overseas. We realize system integration that is significantly low-cost and long-life. Furthermore, we do not limit ourselves to software, but also propose hardware planning and development, platform service planning, and comprehensive IT planning, taking all possibilities into consideration.

Enriching our imagination, we always propose a visionary and generous proposal.

We aim to provide lasting solutions by training engineers who can thoroughly understand each customer’s business and incorporate it into a system without being distracted by the “trends” that are inundating the world. Our proposals are the result of sharing the dreams of our customers, and we will walk alongside them as a reliable partner by proposing imagination-rich system development plans that are not impossible to achieve and always full of dreams and generous in scope.