SI Solution Research Institute

We propose solutions utilizing
cutting-edge technologies,
including AI and big data.

SI Solution Research Institute of K’s proposes the optimization and automation of business operations, which have been dependent on human experiences, based on AI and optimization algorithms. In addition, we analyze valuable big data accumulated by enterprises, municipalities, etc. and endeavor to propose business models based on the data.

Cases of K’s research

INVESTIGATION_01Development of “a system for supporting
the judgment of people” utilizing AI, etc.

It can be said that “operations that require the judgment of people” are still to be systematized. However, technologies, such as AI and mathematical optimization, have enabled systems to make a judgment on behalf of people. In detail, systems will support the design of production and inventory plans, demand prediction, marketing analysis, etc., for which veterans have been in charge of decision making.

  • AI development(Machine learning and mathematical optimization)
  • Data analysis
  • Advanced systems
INVESTIGATION_01 Development of “a system for supporting the judgment of people” utilizing AI, etc.
Production planning and scheduling
  • Plan for allocating resources based on mathematical optimization
  • Production plan simulation
  • Delivery planning and other scheduling
Demand prediction and inventory planning
  • Development of a demand prediction model based on machine learning
  • Estimation of an appropriate order amount and automatic order placement
  • Sales measures, including the revision to selling prices
Fortification of the business administration domain
  • Provision of alert information to employers
  • Marketing analysis
Image for reference: Window for automatic order placement simulation
Image for reference:
Window for automatic order placement simulation

INVESTIGATION_02Development of “data-based services and systems”
for municipalities

In Japan, a large number of municipalities are required to streamline or automate their operations, to cope with the shrinking population, the declining birthrate, and the aging society. For these municipalities, we are researching and developing services and systems for “reforming business operations based on data” by utilizing AI and big data analysis technologies.

Possibility of data utilization

  • Data × Policy evaluation
  • Data × Analysis of medical costs
  • Data × Analysis of diseases
  • Data × Nationwide statistics
  • Data × Estimation of health risks
  • Data × Population forecast
  • Data × Analysis of business analysis
  • Data × Automation of business processing
  • Data × On-site visit
  • Data × Statistics and reporting
  • Data × Encouragement and guidance for health checkups
  • Data × Prevention of diseases
INVESTIGATION_02 Development of “data-based services and systems” for municipalities
Business models utilizing data
  • Add-ons with the PDCA function for production
  • Add-ons with the AI function for supporting business operations
  • Collection, processing, and provision of external data
  • Reporting
  • Option for supporting the management and utilization of data
Example of a developed system: Future population estimate system

The National Institute of Population and Social Security Research (IPSS) forecasts that the populations of over 70% of municipalities will decline by over 20% in 30 years. K’s has developed a system for forecasting the population in each small area, such as an old urban area, a developed residential area, or a rural area, around Japan.