Data center

Our data center “K’s OSC (Outsourcing Center)” offers the highest level of disaster preparedness and the best security measures in Japan.

In April 2010, while the economy was still faltering in the wake of the Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, we began operating our data center, “K’s OSC,” based on the prediction that the world would enter the era of cloud computing.
Tottori Prefecture is located off the plate boundary and is an area that faces relatively fewer earthquakes in Japan. K’s OSC’s advantage lies not only in its location, but also in its disaster preparedness and security measures, which are among the highest in Japan.
We protect our customers’ valuable systems from many risks and promise them great security in their business activities.

Three key security features at K’s OSC


  • There are no volcanoes that would cause disaster in the vicinity.
  • Less susceptible to typhoons.
  • Excellent location that is less susceptible to damage caused by major earthquakes.

SECURE ENVIRONMENT_02Security measures

  • 24/7 manned security management system throughout the year.
  • Seven levels of security gates installed.
  • Thorough security measures.
SECURE ENVIRONMENT_02 Security measures

SECURE ENVIRONMENT_03Measures against disaster

  • Highest level of disaster preparedness in Japan.
  • Building structure that could withstand an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 7.
  • Stable service provision through redundant configuration.
SECURE ENVIRONMENT_03 Measures against disaster

Strengths of K’s

STRENGTH_01Geographical advantage with an extremely low risk of natural disasters

  • Zero volcanoes that would cause disaster in the surrounding area (*1)
  • Zero typhoons have hit Tottori Prefecture in the past. (*2)
  • No occurrence of an earthquake with a seismic intensity of lower 6 or higher in the past (*3)
  • The probability of an earthquake with a seismic intensity of upper 6 or higher occurring within the next 30 years is less than 3%. (*4)
  • The area will not be subject to flooding from a tsunami that is expected to occur in the event of an earthquake off the northern coast of the Sado Island or off the coast of Tottori Prefecture. (*5)
STRENGTH_01 Geographical advantage with an extremely low risk of natural disastersSTRENGTH_01 Geographical advantage with an extremely low risk of natural disasters
STRENGTH_01 Geographical advantage with an extremely low risk of natural disastersSTRENGTH_01 Geographical advantage with an extremely low risk of natural disasters

(*1) Source: Japan Meteorological Agency, “Volcanoes requiring enhanced monitoring and observation systems for volcanic disaster prevention”
(*2) Source: Japan Meteorological Agency, typhoon data – Typhoon route maps since 1951 (until 2021)
(*3) Source: Japan Meteorological Agency, seismic intensity data (1923-2022)
(*4) Source: National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience, J-SHIS Japan Seismic Hazard Information Station, J-SHIS Map (2020 version)
(*5) Source: Yonago City, tsunami hazard map published on February 18, 2022

STRENGTH_02Security measures using advanced technology

Two-fold and three-fold intrusion prevention measures
  • More than 7 levels of security gates are installed between the entry and important areas.
  • 24/7 manned access control system throughout the year
  • Strong personal authentication technology using biometric and IC card authentication to prevent unauthorized entry
  • Preventing unauthorized access using an anti-tailgating system that counts the number of people
Measures for preventing staff from brining in and out data
  • Metal detection gates detect and prevent USB drives, cell phones, and other storage devices from entering the data center.
Measures against unauthorized use
  • All racks are individually locked.
  • In addition to constant monitoring by surveillance cameras, data center staff are present during operations to prevent unauthorized use.
STRENGTH_02 Security measures using advanced technology

STRENGTH_03Highest level of disaster preparedness in Japan

Electrical equipment
  • Redundant uninterruptible power supply
  • Equipped with a private power generator capable of continuous operation for at least 12 hours*.

*The operation time can be extended by refueling.
We have a priority fueling system by Matsumoto Aburaten, K.K. (affiliated company).

Air conditioner
  • Effective air conditioning with high-efficiency exhaust heat treatment, a centralized cooling system, and a multipoint temperature/humidity monitoring system
  • Specialized racks with an aperture ratio of 84% to prevent the rise of temperature and humidity
Safe server rooms and server racks
  • Dedicated server racks for data centers equipped with high-performance seismic isolation devices
  • Server room with racks that can hold up to 800 kg, allowing the installation of large equipment
Measures against lightning
  • A lightning suppression system reduces the occurrence of lightning strikes around the building.
  • A high-voltage arrester cuts the inflow of abnormal current (lightning surge) from power cables during lightning strikes.
Measures against earthquakes
  • Highly earthquake-resistant building structure capable of withstanding a seismic intensity of 7, with seismic performance 1.92 times higher than the value specified by the Building Standards Act
Measures against fires
  • Smoke detection centers and nitrogen gas fire extinguishing systems installed in each section
  • In the event of a fire, an alarm is triggered and the fire is quickly extinguished automatically.
Measures against flooding
  • The center has a sump pit in the basement, allowing for drainage in the event of flooding.
  • Submersible pumps drain water even when the pit is full.
  • The entrance of the server room is equipped with a waterproof embankment to prevent flooding.
N+1 redundant configuration
  • Even if the private power generator, the uninterruptible power supply system, or the air conditioner fails, backup equipment will continue to operate normally.

STRENGTH_04Improved service continuity in case of emergency

In order to respond to large-scale disasters at the main data center, backup data are stored at the sub-center to improve service continuity.

STRENGTH_04 Improved service continuity in case of emergencySTRENGTH_04 Improved service continuity in case of emergency

List of services

Hosting (virtual) services

Using the virtualization platform “VMware ESXi,” this service provides an environment that meets customer needs in terms of disk space, memory capacity, OS, etc. Customer benefits include a reduction of initial installation costs and relief from the burden of hardware operation and management. In the event of a failure on the host server, the service can be continued on other normal host servers. (Available in units of cloud servers (virtualization) with fixed monthly fees.)

Hosting (virtual) services
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What is virtualization?

This technology divides one hardware (physical server) into multiple virtual computers, each running a different OS and applications. Memory and disks can be divided into multiple virtual areas, allowing different operating systems and applications to run simultaneously.
Compared to physically arranging multiple pieces of hardware, this has the advantage of reducing the cost of managing physical resources and allowing for flexible allocation of resources according to demand.

Physical environment = 1 OS on 1 physical server
Virtualized environment = Multiple operating systems on 1 physical server
Reason for choosing hosting services
  • Cost

    On-premise operation requires initial costs such as the number of days required to prepare the infrastructure and equipment, but hosting does not require such costs.
    In addition to installation costs, maintenance costs for running the server and personnel costs for operating and monitoring the server can also be reduced.

  • Facilities & security

    We operate in a building that is prepared for disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires, and major power outages, and have a system in place to back up data at multiple locations.
    We take thorough security measures such as access control systems, surveillance cameras, and metal detection gates to safeguard our customers’ valuable information assets.

  • Availability

    We have a mechanism to efficiently operate a huge resource pool composed of a large number of host servers.
    In the unlikely event of a failure on the host server, the failover function allows the virtual server to restart on another normal host server and continue the service.

  • A wide variety of access lines

    Compatible with Tottori Information Highway, Okayama Information Highway, LGWAN, FLET’S network, closed networks (VPN line), Internet lines, etc. and available for a variety of applications.
    If you have an Internet connection, you can continue to work from home even when it is difficult to come to the office.

  • Reducing the burden of operation and management

    K’s will handle the operation and management of the hardware. Clients are freed from the burden of hardware operation and management and can concentrate on projects that accelerate their business.

Reason for choosing hosting services

Business continuity support services

Using the data resilience solution “IBM Spectrum Protect,” this service automatically backs up the customer’s active server in the cloud storage environment in K’s OSC via the network according to the specified schedule. Customers are relieved from daily backup work, and at the same time, are fully prepared for hardware failure or a disaster by safely and securely protecting data, which is an important information asset. (Available at fixed monthly fees in units of 100 GB for each number of servers in use).

Business continuity support services
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System configuration
Required environment

Compatible with general internet connection. (Dedicated high-speed lines for K’s OSC connections are also available.)
K’s will handle the environmental configuration, including the installation of agent software on the target server for the data backup.

Required environment
Large amounts of data can also be backed up.

High-precision differential backup technology enables efficient backup of several terabytes of data even via a standard Internet connection.

Large amounts of data can also be backed up.
Easy to restore

It is possible to easily select and restore multiple generations of backed up files from the management window.

Easy to restore

Issues that can be resolved

Today, the IT environment surrounding our customers is changing rapidly. In order to respond to this change, we need the funds to procure high-performance hardware and a highly skilled workforce to operate and manage it. In order to operate in-house, customers must bear these risks. We protect our customers’ valuable data, and provide a stable environment necessary for business continuity and business improvement with a high return on investment in future system implementations.

  • Natural disaster preparedness
  • Reduction of hardware procurement costs
  • Operation management outsourcing
  • Secure data protection
  • Measures against malware infection into backup data